Cowboy Blacksmith

The Process 


Everything I build is made just by me from the ground up and entirely by hand. This means no pre-made water jet or laser cut parts, or pre-manufactured items. While I am certainly not the only maker out there still preferring to work this way we are getting far fewer in number.
     I have been building spurs, buckles, and cowboy tack for over ten years now and I'm in it for life! I studied Western bright cut engraving under super talented engraver and spur maker Diane Scalese, have a BFA degree and am for the most part, self taught in all other areas. I'm constantly expanding my knowledge base and level of skill and abilities to provide the highest level of craftsmanship possible.
    Cutting steel is done on my 1940's era "Walker Turner" band saw and I have many other metal working tools amassed over the years to aid me in my work such as: presses, grinders, buffers, sanders, welders, a microscope for engraving in fine detail etc. There are also many self designed handmade jigs and templates used to form buckles and conchos, along with one of a kind invented tools designed for a specific task.
     By manufacturing all of my own work in house I'm able to offer complete custom made items and versatility with sizes, shapes, and designs geared toward what you're looking for. Custom orders are all that I do so anything you can think up I can most likely make happen. I work closely with my clients to ensure a quality handmade product well suited for their particular needs and usage, and quality of construction and pieces meant to last a lifetime are first and foremost for me.
    Below are a few pictures of some of the steps used in building my work, in this case a custom set of spurs. It's time consuming work and demands a lot of attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship but that's what excites me the most in my work and what I have to offer you.

      Paul Kelleher

Shank & Rowel Cut
Heel Band Heated & Bent To Size
Rowels hand filed
Spurs Welded & Polished
Spur Mountings
Spurs Fully Assembled